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Cell Phones: Financing for Bad Credit, Good Credit, and More

Community Manager

Cell phone credit check.jpeg

For many of us, the notion of "credit" is a nebulous thing. It's a number floating in the ether that can impact whether we get the apartment or house we want, dictate whether we get a low or high interest rate for a mortgage, auto loan or credit card and, in some cases, even be a determining factor in whether we get a job. And, as you may have guessed, if you want a service plan – and a cell phone, a credit check will be performed. That said, you can get a phone contract with "bad" credit, it just means that you might pay a touch more until you've established yourself a bit.


Now, I can't speak to how cell phone financing works – bad credit, good credit, or otherwise – I'm not a financing guru after all. But I can tell you that, at Sprint, we offer options for those who have good credit (a score of 750 or above), as well as options for those who are building credit or have recently had come credit issues.


When shopping for a phone or a plan, just click the "good credit" or "building credit" button at the top of the screen to see the options available to you. Then, at checkout, we'll run a brief credit check to ensure that you're getting the best deal possible for your personal credit situation.


If you have questions about this process or need more information on our cell phone financing options for those with "bad" credit, please contact a customer service representative via live chat or by calling 1-866-275-1411.


Note: For details on what your credit score is, how it's measured, how to improve your credit score, etc., check out the Federal Trade Commission's information on the subject.