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Is a Smart Home Worth It?

Community Manager

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When it comes to a smart home, the benefits have been shouted from the rooftops by tech companies for quite awhile now. But is a smart home worth it? Worth the time? Worth the money? And worth the effort? Well, in general, yes. But not all smart home products are worth the investment, so let's explore some of the products that deliver the biggest bang for the buck.


  • Haiku Indoor Ceiling Fans: Not only do these fans come with access to an app that allows you to control them, but they also have the ability to pair with other smart home technology, like the Amazon Alexa, Nest Learning Thermostat and the ecobee3 thermostat, and can help optimize your energy use by selecting the ideal cooling system, be it fan or air-conditioner.
  • Rachio Sprinkler System: A Wi-Fi-enabled smart sprinkler control system may seem like overkill if you already have a sprinkler system on a timer. However, the Rachio can do what a traditional system cannot – and that's receive your local weather update and adjust its watering schedule accordingly. Of course, you can also use your smartphone to control it from wherever you may be – but the real boon is the self-adjusting feature, which can save you (and the planet) gallons of water each year.
  • Nest Learning Thermostat: This is likely the best-known item in the smart home technology category, but it bears mentioning again. After all, you can not only control it from virtually anywhere using your smartphone, but it also features auto-scheduling and auto-away, has a bright, beautiful display, is simple to install and can learn your schedule and your preferences – so it can help you maintain a comfortable space, and save money, with very little fuss.
  • Hydrao Smart Shower: The Hydrao Smart Shower replaces your current showerhead and measures water consumption through an app. However, rather than showing you how much water you've used via an app alone, the Hydrao actually tells you how much water you're using – while you're using it. The device doesn't talk (and thank goodness), but it does light up in different colors that indicate different amounts of water usage. Once you're out of the shower, you can check the corresponding app and compare your usage to that of others in the house. Best of all, it doesn't require batteries (it's hydro-powered) and it's pretty inexpensive, which means it'll pay for itself in no time!


If you're ready to create a smart home, the benefits you'll receive will be measured monetarily, and in convenience. The products listed above offer both in spades. Of course, Sprint does not endorse or guarantee the products listed, they are merely mentioned to help you understand some of the high-tech home options available. Please do your research and choose the right solutions for the way you live.

Community Manager

I started with a Philips Hue Light starter kit and a Google Home and have never looked back.


Smart homes are a real thing to come. Amazon, Apple, and Google will be in the smart home business. Saw a youtube video It was quite amazing, but also scary.