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Protecting Your Kids: Four Parental Controls for Cell Phones

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Find out how to use parental controls.jpgFind out how to use parental controlsBuckling up, wearing helmets, looking both ways before crossing the street – they're all age-old habits designed to help you – and your kids – stay safe. But, in the scheme of things, cell phones are a relatively new invention – and we're all still figuring out how to protect ourselves and our kids when using them. So, in an effort to help you protect what matters, we've created a list of four parental controls for cell phones that every parent should know about. Let's take a look.


  • Web Filtering: Sprint gives you the power to block Web access so that your children and teens can only reach websites deemed appropriate for minors (17 and under). Likewise, parents can also block certain voice calls, text messages, digital media downloads and more. Check out our complete list of parental controls – and find out how to use them.

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  • TeenSafe*: Whether your kids use an Android or iPhone, parental monitoring for cell phones is available. Apps, like TeenSafe, can help parents discreetly keep tabs on their kids' mobile activities, including what they're posting on social media, plus deleted texts and messages sent via apps like Kik, WhatsApp and Snapchat.
  • Time-of-Day Usage: At Sprint, parents can use our mobile controls to automatically lock their kids' phones during certain times of day – like mealtime, school hours, during times when they should be doing homework or sleeping, etc. Parents can even lock their kids' phones during family vacations.
  • Cellcontrol*: This enforceable safe-driving solution allows parents to stop their young drivers from texting while driving and prevent other forms of distracted driving. It is customizable to meet your family's needs, and can be used for multiple drivers.



Do you have parental controls activated.jpgDo you have parental controls activated?At Sprint, we believe in providing you with the tools you need to manage your family's mobile experience and keep them safe. However, we also recognize that you may want or need additional solutions as your family's mobile usage changes. Apps that provide parental controls for iPhones and Android devices are available from a wide range of developers. We encourage you to browse online and check your app store for a variety of solutions.


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Need more guidance? Check out our other resources for parents:


*Sprint does not endorse any third-party apps. App details are provided for informational purposes only.

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The thing to remember when using the parental controls is this, kida are VERY savvy about how to get around stuff like this, to borrow a phrase i started in my highschool days, "if there`s a lock, there`s someone who can pick it."  Kids can get pretty sneaky when they want to, so not only should mom or dad be using parental controls, they need to also be aware that the kid can hack into an acount and change settings (seen it happen to my late brother-in-law with an AOL account, one of his kid`s friends helped him brute force his password, big problem.  So, use the parental controls, but remember that kids are technically savvy these days, so you must keep an eye on the physical handset too.  Don`t hesitate to take away the phone if you catch them doing or going somewhere you don`t like, as that is really the best parental control there is.  TK241