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Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life

Community Manager

Smartphone with the longest battery life.jpeg

If you want to go longer between charges, you can either delete all of your favorite apps and limit how much you use your phone every day, or you can look for a smartphone with the longest battery life possible right from the get-go.



If you like option one – good on you. That's awesome. However, if you're like most people and would rather just find a phone that lasts longer from the start, well – I can help you with that. In fact, I can help you find 10 phones with great, long-lasting batteries, that I bet you'll love. So, without further ado, let's get to the list!



One thing to think about – the best battery life on a smartphone doesn't always mean that it's the best phone for you. Sure, it'll last longer – but will it give you everything you want. So, instead of making battery life your benchmark, take a holistic approach to buying for a phone. Look at things like cameras, access to the apps you like, storage, etc. If, in the end, the smartphone with the longest battery life wins out – great. But if not, and you choose one with, say, 21 hours of talk time as opposed to 40, it probably won't impact how you use your phone all that much. What's important is that you get the phone you really want. So go forth, and go shopping!