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What to Look for in Kid-Friendly Phones

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When it comes to choosing the best cell phone for kids, it really comes down to the child – and the parents. Obviously you have to consider your budget. After all, if a phone will cause you to stress out about your monthly expenses, it may not be the right time to add a young (and potentially data-hungry, and/or accident prone) user to your plan. If, however, it's an expense that you're comfortable with on an on-going basis, then it's time to delve a bit deeper into the best kids' phones.


Start by talking to your kids about what they want to use their smartphones for. Social media? Movies and games? Music? Photos? All of the above? Then, estimate the amount of data you'll likely need to accommodate their usage. If you're concerned about data usage, don't worry, we've got an Unlimited Plan that'll work for you. Next, consider factors like:


  • Look for a device designed to stand up to the rigors of life. And protect it with a case that's also designed for rough-and-tumble customers.
  • Water resistance. Quite a few phones are designed to withstand splashes, and some – when equipped with the right case – can even handle submersion.
  • New vs. Pre-owned. If you're not quite ready to give your child a top-of-the-line device, you can find good phones for kids in the pre-owned phone collection of your service provider. This way, you can give them all of the features they want, but for less than you'd expect.
  • Battery life. One of the reasons you'll probably give your kids smartphones is so that you can reach them whenever, wherever they may be. However, without a long-lasting battery, the odds of you reaching them when you need to are certainly diminished. Learn more about how to increase your phone's battery life.

 Browse through phones to learn more about each one, and you'll find a great option for your kid.


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