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Premium Data Fraud


Premium Data Fraud

I feel cheated. Since December of 2010 I have been paying an extra $10/month for a "Premium Data" service which I have yet to be able to utilize due to Sprints neglect. Sprints 4g coverage is a joke, almost nonexistent yet they feel they should charge ALL Sprint customers who have a 4g capable phone an extra $10/month for a "Premium Data" service that they can't even utilize. Sure Sprint claims that the extra $10/month isn't for the 4g coverage and that it's simply because our phone is faster and "capable" of using more bandwidth (which we all know is a load of crap) and as such we should be charged more than the standard "Unlimited Data" service. Sorry but I thought unlimited was unlimited. That aside, I'd actually agree to pay the extra $10/month if I could get some use out of Sprints data network but when I check my data usage on Sprints site for records dating back to Feb of 2011, I have only used an average of 367mb / month. I'd imagine any 3g phone is capable of using that kind of bandwidth for the simple fact that all I have is 3g coverage in my area. My average download speed is about 50kbps and more often than not, simple websites (such as Google homepage) actually times out before even loading. I can't even open the Market on my Epic because the connection times out most the time.
So congratulations Sprint, you win. I'll be eating the contract termination fee this December to move on to greener pastures at T-Mobile unless you can agree to refund all customers IN FULL (post taxes included) for the extra $10/month for a "Premium Data" service you can't provide. I hope you lose more customers due to this issue, you deserve it.

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