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iphone coming to Sprint? It's about time...


iphone coming to Sprint? It's about time...

I bought two Evo's the first month it came out and we have loved them since day one...mostly due to HTC's OS and widgets within. Yes, I have had challenges with Android as well as the Evo's battery life which led me to purchase the Seidio extended battery for both (best decision ever) but all in all it was an enjoyable and functional experience with some querks that showed when using my phone for business due to Android. In my search for mobility in a tablet, I have purchased and returned or passed to family the Samsung Galaxy tablet, the HTC Flyer, the Xoom, and the HTC Evo View. My business partner and husband left Sprint and went to AT&T for the functionality of the Motorolla Atrix after being a 10 year Sprint customer. This past weekend I purchased an ipad. In my company and my household, owning an apple product is just like being a scab in a union household. But I have to say my experience with the ipad has opened my eyes and broadened my horizons into the "dark side" of Apple. ( I hear the darkside has really good cookies...I'm not sayin nuthin...I'm just sayin...) I am now too, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iphone to Sprint's network. Owning my own technology company, and greatly enjoying the experience in functionality with the ipad's OS versus my previous battles with Android's various versions of operating systems and apps in the tablet arena I do have to say that Apple is offering way more functionality and business friendly app use than any other product out there. I refused to purchase an apple product since day one. But in my search for the functional phone and tablet for business and personal use to accomodate high levels of travel and need for mobile accessabilty and functionality the iphone and ipad are proving to be the closest thing on the market today that offers the best of both worlds. The loss of adobe flash and the never ending "control" of Steve Jobs is a very small price to pay for the overall benefit in all other categories. I have Citrix to fix that problem. IE is a necessity in my world. So just like the others, I am greatly enjoying the rumors that the iphone is coming to Sprint. I will be first in line. Until then, I will hold onto the Evo and my awesome unlimited Sprint plan for the 9 phones and tablets I have. Through shopping for a phone to upgrade my Evo I haven't found a phone that is worth my time other than the iphone. I am excited to see what the iphone 5 has to offer and what Sprint will do to make it their own and manage the exclusivity they ususally tote. So Sprint as a loyal, large and long term customer I say to you, bring on the iphone. It's time. Actually, it's way overdue.

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