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Google Pixel 3a XL - Android 10 Upgrade - IPv6 assignment block app(s) over mobile data


Google Pixel 3a XL - Android 10 Upgrade - IPv6 assignment block app(s) over mobile data

I upgraded my Google Pixel 3a XL from Android 9 to Android 10 yesterday. The app that was working just fine over mobile data (LTE) doesn't work anymore. It works fine over WiFi. This is a big issue for me. After spending 10+ hours on researching this issue, it appears that the cause of this is IPv6 assignment for internal IP address. If you go to Settings --> About Pixel 3aXL, you would see two IP addresses. The IPv4 address looks odd since it is and it never changes even after reboot. The other is IPv6 address,  which appears ok and it changes during reboot. If you run an app that can identify the internal and external ip address, the internal ip address is the IPv6. This appears to be causing problem for my VPN app, which was working fine on Android 9. It works fine over WiFi. If i put the device in 1x mode, i get IPv4 and the VPN app works fine, albeit very slow since it is working with 1x.


I have a friend's device running on Android 9 (S8+) and it has no issue with running the same VPN app over LTE. On S8+, one of the two ip addresses under SIM status is IPv4, which looks ok 29/30.x.x.x and it changes when S8+ is rebooted. And this is also the internal ip address of the device (IPv4). This is different than my pixel 3aXL, which has and never changes (appears some kind of a proxy).


I need Sprint's help to update my APN setting such that my internal IP address is IPv4 and not IPv6.


Most of the time APN are under user control under settings --> mobile networks, etc. In case with Google Pixel 3aXL, you have to use programming menu to even see it *#*#33284#*#* You need MSL code of the device to edit the APN settings. Why would Sprint/Google do this?


Please help. Thank you.


Thanks @Em_Will_I_Am for the follow up. I had contacted Sprint Tech support over the weekend. Since there was no note on the account for the change you/your team had made for forcing GP 3aXL to use IPv4, they went thru research process for some time and made a change on Saturday so that GP 3aXL will start using IPv6 again. My device was struggling to stay on LTE for first 30 minutes or so. After that it appears to have stabilized. It still goes to 1x or 3G when I move from WiFi to cellular network or randomly from time to time. Since you know what the original default setting was, can you please confirm if the change they made was correct and that it was the original default setting? I would very much appreciate it. I will PM you my number. Please just confirm whether you are seeing the original default setting or not. Please don't make any change. This way we can figure out what's going on. I will let you know the next step thereafter. Thank you so much.

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