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Google Pixel 4 4G LTE wont reconnect after leaving/disconnecting from WIFI or losing Service


Google Pixel 4 4G LTE wont reconnect after leaving/disconnecting from WIFI or losing Service

Loss of 4G LTE Connectivity when either hitting a known dead service area, or disconnecting/losing range of wifi. Happens almost every time, you cannot get LTE back until you restart the Pixel 4.


Before the peanut gallery chimes in, I update the PRL & Profile constantly, check for System Updates constantly, turned off all the nonsense auto connect to open wifi settings and other similar settings also, still doesn't change the outcome.


Basically 4G LTE works great until you connect to a wifi network, then switch off wifi or lose range of said wifi, then it will not reconnect to LTE, it will only show 3G or even nothing but just simple cellular "bars."


Same goes for when you hit a known dead spot in Sprints coverage area, then keep driving into known COVERED areas, it will not reconnect most of the time.


I Pre-Ordered my Pixel 4 (Standard) 128GB through my Sprint Business account. Got it the day it was "released." Fired it up the following day after having someone at Sprint who actually comprehended how eSim works and it worked flawlessly for all the time it took me to get off Wi-Fi and rely on 4G. I would get 3G only. Updated Patches, updated PRL, Profile, etc. Power phone off and restart ,and it magically works again. 


It will work on 4G LTE until you hit a dead spot in Sprints coverage area, or you connect to a Wi-Fi network, then lose Wifi signal, and/or even switch off Wifi in settings, it still will not return to 4G LTE. the only way to get it 90% of the time to reconnect to 4G LTE is to restart the phone. It's actually annoying, and i'm about to send this turd back.


I had the original Pixel (1) and the Pixel 2 which I bought directly from Google, then activated the unlocked phone via tech support thru sprint and NEVER had any issues like this. This phone was literally released by Sprint for the first time, and it doesn't even work properly. 


I have this same issue on TWO Pixel 4's.  I read there are a bunch of Pixel 4 XL users seeing the same issues.  I have a Gen 1 Pixel and have never ever had these kind of connectivity issues and can't replicate on any other devices except for the Pixel. 😞


Hopefully some network configurations and Google connectivity code is updated in the Dec update that we should get soon as 3G and no service at all is absolutely terrible.  I haven't felt this bad about Sprint service since they were upgrading to 4G LTE towers in Omaha. 


MROGRS - We know it's supper important to stay connect. Let's see what's going on with the device. My name is Juan, I am part of the Sprint social care team. Please send us a private message with your name, account holder's name, phone number, security PIN or the answer to the security question.

Sprint Social Care

PM sent...

Any response? Did they get it working? I'm another pixel 4xl owner and plagued with service issues.....


Yes they replied in PM and pushed what may have simply been a "Profile" update over the air. Both phones still have p*** pour service (3G should NEVER be a thing where I live) and I know the towers and service very well. There is something up with the device configuration and the network, without a doubt. 😔

22 years I've been with Sprint and this whole fiasco with Sprint blaming Google and Google blaming Sprint is the last straw. I just want what I pay for, a working phone with consistent data. If I told Sprint " just wait for my payment until this issue is fixed" wouldn't work out well. 

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