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Harman Sprint Drive (HSA-15US) Not Registering My Car is Parked/Off


Harman Sprint Drive (HSA-15US) Not Registering My Car is Parked/Off

Anyone have this issue where the Sprint Drive device doesn't register a car being turned off? It's in a Honda 2018 CRV.  The wifi works, the GPS works.  After turning off the car, the device never registers the car as parked.  I get an idle notification on my phone saying the car is still in idle.  I've tried resetting the device...  The device came off of an older car and was working successfully.


At first I thought it was the device itself, but i plugged it into another car and the device works as expected.  I took the device from that car (where that one was working) and plugged it into the 2018 and had the same issue.


What does solid blue mean for LTE.  I can't find what that means in the manual.  Leaving the device on car after parking and shutting car off.  About an hour later, the device finally shuts down and says the car is parked.


There are three lights:

4GLTE = solid blue

Wifi = blinking blue

GPS = solid blue


What does the solid blue on the 4GLTE mean?  As mentioned it goes from green to glue and back again.

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This is what those mean, Solid Blue – GPS Lock Successful. Wi-Fi. • LED o – Wi-Fi O. • Blinking Blue – Wi-Fi On. 4G LTE Connectivity.

I'm not seeing any patterns with anyone else and that issue with the 2018 version and the Sprint Drive should be compatible with your car version. 

Try deleting the car from it and then add it back; 

Settings > Vehicle Profile, Delete the Vehicle.  Then go back to the Dashboard page and Add the vehicle again (Arrow down in the top right > Add New).


This will re-initiate activation in the vendor's system.

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