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Hostage Google Pixel 3aXL - UICC Unlock


Hostage Google Pixel 3aXL - UICC Unlock

After saying the device has successfully been unlocked both nationally and internationally my phone is still asking to be unlocked by my carrier to accept the new sim card. I was asked to do a hard reset and have not had any service other than wi-fi since yesterday morning. I have read other posts and replies saying that you need to have a sprint SIM in the phone and connected to wi-fi in order for the unlock signal to be recieved. Since I had a eSIM I do not have and active SIM in my phone since yesterday morning. could this be what is causing it to not unlock. PLEASE HELP! been going back and forth with everyone. I am getting ready to wave the white flag and just buy a new phone.


Re: Hostage Google Pixel 3aXL - UICC Unlock

it needs to have a Sprint sim card in it while turned on and connected to wifi in order to receive the unlock signal..the sim card does not need to be active..if it was removed or any of the things listed are not in place then it will not receive the unlock signal and on Sprints side it will say unlocked when it actually is not..


an agent was assisting you as a reminder it can take up to a couple days to isnt done instantly.


as for the eSIM deal...not to sure how that one works since that is still pretty new..

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Re: Hostage Google Pixel 3aXL - UICC Unlock

I do not have a physical SIM card, the phone was setup via eSIM. as of now the eSIM is not activated on my phone I have no service

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Re: Hostage Google Pixel 3aXL - UICC Unlock

Howdy emontes79. I have responded to your post in "Help with looking into unlocking issue with Google Pixel 3aXL" If you are needing any further assistance, please meet me on that post. 


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Re: Hostage Google Pixel 3aXL - UICC Unlock

My brother just spent 5 hours in the Sprint store trying to activate his brand new unlocked Google Pixel 3a XL purchased directly from Google. He spend half that time on the phone with Sprint tech support. He left the store without success. 


The following day he called Sprint tech support and they asked him “is your old phone still turned on?” He said yes. His previous phone, a oneplus phone, was still on. He turned his old phone off and the problem was fixed. He was now able to use his Google Pixel 3a XL with Sprint. So bizarre. Btw, he is using a physical Sprint SIM, not eSIM. 


Re: Hostage Google Pixel 3aXL - UICC Unlock

Thank you Blazio for the feedback. I have been in several stores talked to several reps on the phone as well as on chat and here on the message board. There seems to be an issue on how all the reps are trained, or not trained. Many of the reps offered me ridiculous options. Finally, I went into another corporate store and the manager was able to see for herself the frustration that I have been going through so much to the point of her telling me I see why you are leaving us. Still, have no phone service since Septemeber 3rd yet I am being billed and Sprint has denied to offer me any credit so lesson learned.

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