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How to activate eSIM on Pixel 3


How to activate eSIM on Pixel 3

Publish conversation with  , now that I was given a link to do so. Hopefully more Community members will benefit.

"If it's already active, the eSIM would not come into play unless you are going to activate it on another account like Google Fi and run Sprint and FI phone numbers.  I believe that is available on Q, not sure on P.  If you really wanted to use the eSIM, activate an old device and then activate the Pixel via eSIM. "

Do you mind elaborate how I should go about doing that?

I have an AT&T nano card, from my company-provided account in my Pixel 3, and try to add eSIM from Sprint. 

Alternatively, I have an iPhone 6, also on Sprint nano card, that I can use to surrogate the conversion.


I see on my Pixel 3, Settings->Mobile network->Advanced->Carrier->(Sprint with my number already enabled)Add carrier->"Have a QR code from your carrier? Scan it now". All I need is a QR code from Sprint or "Enter code manually".


BTW, what does "available on Q, not sure on P" refer to?


Thank you.


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Re: How to activate eSIM on Pixel 3

Hi Wei! "Q and P" refer to different versions of Android.  P being Android 9.0(available now), and Q being 10.0(which is not out yet).


As for getting an eSIM QR code, we're not providing those yet for phones, but will be offering this in the future for compatible devices.  Right now, eSIM is being used with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch Series 4 and certain iPad models. 

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Re: How to activate eSIM on Pixel 3

Can I use the QR code for iPad to activate eSim on iPhone XS then?
Do you have a beta test group for esim?
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Re: How to activate eSIM on Pixel 3

@grobebar, Since we're not utilizing the eSIM for the phones yet, crossing between the iPad and iPhone won't work. 





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