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Mobile data connection issues on Pixel 4 XL


Mobile data connection issues on Pixel 4 XL

Since switching from my S9+ to the Pixel

4 XL, I have had a frequent amount of disconnection from LTE or 3G. 

My zip is 43062 and according to the map, I should have a perfect LTE connection. However no matter where I am locally or around the metro Columbus area, I will lose connection a handful of times while driving or waiting at lights or in parking lots. I usually have to reboot to get things to work again but it's very temporary. WiFi seems to be okay. It's very frustrating and I can't find a solution. I've owned this phone since late December 2019. Any ideas?

Sprint Employee

Re: Mobile data connection issues on Pixel 4 XL

Hi JustinQueue ! Let’s work together to find a solution. I have checked the location provided and confirm that everything is working normal. 

Since this is happening everywhere you're going, this could be related to the device or its activation.

Let me make sure that everything is properly set up, please send me a Private Message as soon as you can. 

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