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No Voicemail Notifications on New Moto G6

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No Voicemail Notifications on New Moto G6

So I just switched to Sprint from another major carrier a few weeks ago and, along with the switch, purchased a brand-new phone -- a Moto G6. In most ways, everything has been very positive, but there is one problem that I consider extremely serious. 


Quite simply, except for the very first few days I had the phone, I've been unable to receive any voicemail notifications. I receive text message notifications, and e-mails notifications (as in the dot on the little Gmail icon), but no voicemail notifications. Quite frankly, this is one of the few features I really can't live without, and seems like such a basic thing for a phone (I mean, even flip phones from the 1990s provided voicemail notifications). 


I say "the first few days" I had the phone because what happened was at first I DID receive such notifications along with a link to try the Visual Voicemail app. At first I ignored it, but then I decided I'd at least give it a look so I clicked on the link and downloaded the app. I decided I didn't like it, though, and preferred the "regular" voicemail feature on the phone, so I uninstalled it. I figured it would just default to the regular voicemail and its notifications, but instead I've been getting no voicemail notifications at all. The worst thing is, figuring that this is the one thing that would solve the problem for sure, I even did a factory reset yesterday, and I'm STILL not receiving them! So, it really seems to me like the problem isn't with the phone, but that Sprint just isn't communicating with my phone properly. 


Please note that I've tried all of the obvious fixes (as well as the reset), such as Phone -- Settings -- Voicemail -- Notifications, and on that screen making sure "On" is selected as well as "Show notification dot." Please also note that I'm apparently not the only one this has happened to, as seen in threads like this one -- . In this thread, one of the people posting gets annoyed and suggests that it's the Visual Voicemail app that is getting in the way of receiving these voicemail notifications, and I think that's probably correct with me as well considering that this wasn't a problem before I got involved in it.  


So (and I'm sorry for the long post), the bottom line is, it seems like this phone was able to receive voicemail notifications BEFORE I ever clicked on the link to download Visual Voicemail, and I really need it to start doing so again. How do I make this happen? 


Thank you. 

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Re: No Voicemail Notifications on New Moto G6

Howdy js10. There is a possibility that when you selected the Visual Voicemail, and then uninstalled the app that the Visual Voicemail didn't get removed from your account. I would like to look into this for you. I'm going to send you a PM so I can gather some info. 


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Re: No Voicemail Notifications on New Moto G6

This post has triggered some kind of support ticket, but while I wait, in case anyone else is actually reading this, I just thought I would ask if anyone else has experienced an issue like this (no voicemail notifications), and, if so, how he/she got it resolved? I know this is probably a long-shot,  but any stories would be appreciated! Thanks. 

Re: No Voicemail Notifications on New Moto G6

In case anyone is still out there watching this thread, I have the same problem.  I get no voicemail notifications on my Moto G6 on Sprint.  I have a friend who has a Moto G6 running on AT&T and has no issues with voicemail notifications.  I have not installed the Visual Voicemail application; I don't want or need visual voicemail, I'm just trying to get the "stock" Android notifications to work.


Thank you for any help.

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Re: No Voicemail Notifications on New Moto G6

I have read through the processes done for the previous customer. I would like to reset the voicemail for you. Do you have any messages saved? If you do, please note that you'll lose them with the processes I'm going to do. I'll send you a private message to get your account information.





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Re: No Voicemail Notifications on New Moto G6

I appreciated RedCruzr_Sprint's assistance today.  In the end, we could not resolve my issue online, so I took my phone to the local Sprint store.


I was advised by the tech at the Sprint store that, in order to get voicemail notifications, I had to have Sprint's Visual Voicemail installed on my phone.  That seemed odd to me; I've used that application in the past and I don't like the way it works and how it tries to trick you into signing up for Sprint's premium voicemail services.  I mentioned that to the tech, and he installed it for me without the premium stuff.


I'm getting notifications when I have a voicemail, so I'm good for now.


I hope this helps others.


Re: No Voicemail Notifications on New Moto G6

"I was advised by the tech at the Sprint store that, in order to get voicemail notifications, I had to have Sprint's Visual Voicemail installed on my phone. "


Except that that absolutely literally cannot be true. I know this because I have received voicemail notifications WITHOUT the Visual Voicemail app. Furthermore, it was only through these notifications that I even found out about Visual Voicemail in the first place, as they essentially said, and obviously I'm paraphrasing here, but "you've received a voicmail, and, by the way, while you're at it, why don't you check out our Visual Voicemail app as well?" and then it displayed a Google Play link to the app. Now, maybe what this poster said is true when it comes to phones actually purchased from Sprint, but mine was an unlocked BYOD device. Therefore, right out of the box, it didn't come with the app, and it did still receive the notifications I just wrote about. And THAT'S what I want to get back. 


For anyone reading this, please note that I do NOT consider this a solution! Sorry.

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