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Oneplus 7 Pro Love Story


Oneplus 7 Pro Love Story

My Name is Prasanth, I came to US on 2018 March. Initially for a mobile connection I took prepaid T-Mobile and I was happy with my mobile Oneplus 5 which I brought from India (I bought Oneplus 5 on first day of release date) with the prepaid connection. On 2019 May OnePlus released Oneplus 7 Pro, and as an Oneplus FAN I was going to buy new oneplus online and was saving some amount monthly till September 2019 to buy new one plus 7 Pro and on September 2019 was when a friend told me Sprint has Oneplus 7 Pro in store, why to live with prepaid. I was much interested to get my hands on Oneplus 7 Pro so I went to sprint store near my place to get a new line added along with my friends network.

I was also happy that I could use the saved amount to pay off some of my debts & loan and pay some amount monthly to Sprint to become proud owner of Oneplus 7 Pro.

At the Store on D-21 evening September, Twist in story number one – my friend was having a special plan when he migrated from T-Mobile to Sprint and they cannot add 7Pro to the plan he already has. We were asked if my friend was interested to open a new plan under his account for 5G and he humbly rejected the offer.

For my Oneplus 7Pro love, I started a new connection and plan in my name with Sprint. I was using Rebtel App in android for international call, which is like $10 a month for unlimited calls.  I thought that if I can get international enabled in my connection even though it is $5 extra I could save using an external app to make calls and asked to enable international calls in my Sprint connection. The support person was very polite and told us international facilities are also enabled in both connections. Oops.. sorry missed to say that I took a iPhone 11 Pro for my wife the same day (I missed that while describing about my phone) and I was playing safe by taking an iPhone 11 Pro 😊returning home with one new Phone is much danger to health than spending more money.

Where was I…. Oh Yeah... The sprint staff told that International was enabled on both the connections. I was happy with my new oneplus 7 Pro and my wife was excited to see the iPhone 11 Pro.

The first bill amount was very normal, I was happy with a $200 for two connection and 2 phone. The second bill was life changing surprise, $1600+ and that too for international calls. I called customer care tried to make them understand that the amount was huge for me and they gave me a $400 reduction and confirmed that the next bill (third one) would be normal as first one. so I paid $1200 sadly thinking that this would be final time, I took my initial savings which I had set aside for the Oneplus 7 Pro and paid this bill.

After a month third bill amount came, $800+. This time I went to Sprint office with my friend and they were too polite and told me that this is a huge amount, and they called customer care and told that he will talk to higher authorities and get me a reduction from the bill amount, yeah that was good to hear and relief for some time. I paid the $800+ amount and was happily waiting to hear back from the store person who promised on at least a $300 back.

After 2 months, to reduce the burden of “$200” (yes, the initial bill amount which was fortunately okay for me, became a burden now after two billing cycle). I decided to add 2 friends to my account. As of today, the situation with Sprint is that I must check my bill amount every month twice and make sure that there are no additional plans added to account without my knowledge, while writing this I removed one unwanted service from my account online, what to do love for Oneplus 7 pro keeps me going.


I could have bought one Oneplus 7 Pro for me and another for my wife, and free oneplus 7 Pro for Neighbors kid with the money I spend for Sprint. 


Also the $300 Promise still remains a promise. 



Prasanth Sadasivan  

Sprint Social Care

Re: Oneplus 7 Pro Love Story

Hi Prasanth! That's a lot of money, and I know it can be frustrating to receive a charge you were not expecting. If this was escalated via customer care, I can check the status on the account. I sent you a Private message requesting some account info to assist you. 

Sprint Social Care
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