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Oneplus 7T


Oneplus 7T

Will Sprint support the new Oneplus 7T? Just bought an unlocked one and no-one has been able to help so far. Also jumped on the kickstarter recently and I don't want to give that deal up.


Re: Oneplus 7T

Hey. Right now Sprint only officially supports the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and we don't have any information on supporting additional OnePlus devices at this point in time. 


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Re: Oneplus 7T

I am also interested in the OnePlus 7T. I web chatted with the OnePlus technician and was told the 7T should be compatible with Sprint but the reply below says otherwise

Were you unable to activate your 7T?  

I've been a Sprint customer for 20 years, I'd hate to have to switch services. Let me know if you find anything out and I'll do the same! Thanks

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