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Pixel 3 xl stuck on 3g

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Re: Pixel 3 xl stuck on 3g

Actually, that's when my Pixel 3XL changes from LTE to 3G, every time I leave a WiFi connection. Doesn't happen with any of the other phones on our plan, just my Pixel. I've been complaining about this problem since September/October. One update fixed the issue and then WHAM! Another update and right back to the problem.


Re: Pixel 3 xl stuck on 3g

there should be a way to check through the device itself...but i have always used the SignalCheck app to tell me what im connected to at that moment..havent used it in a while though so no idea if there have been any changes to the app good or bad.


@demonkey36 wrote:

Out of curiosity, how do I see what bands and such I'm hitting? I just like to know this kinda stuff 😄


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