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Pixel 3 xl stuck on 3g

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Pixel 3 xl stuck on 3g

I have 2 pixel 3 xl phones and both of them will often get stuck on 3g and not switch back to lte until I toggle airplane mode, then they will switch back to lte and stay for a while then at some point if they fall back to 3g they will get stuck on 3g even though I am in an area with strong lte coverage.  Please help.

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Okay. I'll need some more information. Sending a private message now. 

Yeah, the issue in this thread was resolved months ago.  PM me your phone number, problem address, and a description of what's going on.

Not on my phone.

still having the same stupid problem.

I'm just throwing this out there from left field...This issue may have something to do with your current data plan with Sprint. I used to have the 1500 shared data plan from 12 years ago up until recently I switched to Sprint unlimited data plan. Since then my LTE speeds have actually slowed down substantially but I have LTE coverage in more areas compared to prior. This is weird but I'm not complaining because I can still get my work done on a daily basis with reasonable speeds with broader coverage.  I'm not sure if this is similar issue you're having you may want to check about your data plan whether this has any correlation with the issue you're currently having?

Sorry I went AWOL for a while, I just ended up with a new phone (Pixel 5 XL) on an ESIM.  Upon using it I was forced again onto Band 12 in this area/building and pretty much the phone was a paper weight.

I knew for a fact that band 25, 26 and 41 were still working in the area because I could see them with my LTE discovery app. 

Long story short, I was able to remove TNA (T-Mobile network access) from my account and thank the lord, I can now even hit band 41 inside this building and have been hitting speeds I've never seen before.

Unfortunately today I received a network update and I was forced back onto the T-Mobile towers and stuck on band 12 with less then 1mbps data DL speeds.  I contacted sprint again and they were able to remove the TNA from my account again and this time they said they blocked them from reactivating it, whereas the first tech that disabled it only turned it off but didn't block it. So time will tell if I'll be good with sprint tower prioritization until it's no longer a possibility (hopefully as long as possible) but I wanted to say, that for those with my problem, where the Sprint towers/service is better then the T-Mobile service near you, you may be able to have the technicians switch you back to Sprint. 

Thank you for sharing this information. This is completely on a different tangent but I believe this also affected my situation. Up until a month ago I could easily use the Amazon Alexa app to drop in on several of my echo devices using LTE on an old grandfathered sprint plan. BTW when I would run a speed test I also saw some crazy numbers sometimes up in the 150 megabits per second range.  I recently finally changed my plan to the Sprint unlimited data plan and I'm assuming T-Mobile network is prioritized as you are suggesting. Anyway, ever since this happened I am no longer able to drop in using the Alexa app on my phone which is really bizarre. My download speeds range between 8 to 10 megabits per second which is pretty paltry these days but still gets the job done for most daily activities. Anyway I thought I would share this on this post in case anybody else has this peculiar issue with not being able to drop in using the Alexa app while using LTE... I'm guessing it has to do with whatever band I'm on not allowing Alexa app to make the connection for dropping calls?!

Hmm that is odd, because I would assume maybe if the data speeds you were getting were so so low that it was causing issues, but even 8 to 10 mbps is actually pretty sufficient even for streaming surprisingly.  What I will say is that a few times I tried to use speed test on band 12 and it legit said test couldn't start many times and if it went through, between the ping or jitter or just awful speed overall it just didn't even load the test. 

I'm not saying that's what happening in your case but I have had just a really crappy time with T-Mobile in this area or maybe more so in this building. 

I'm using LTE discovery to check what band I'm on, its a free app, there are plenty of them that can break down what band you are on and what not.   I don't know all the bands that are available, I only know mostly the ones that I typically see on the app, which for Sprint LTE in my area is 25, 26 and 41.  Whereas with T-Mobile I believe its 2,4,12,66, I'm probably missing a bunch but just from my own head that's probably what you would be seeing on the app. 

yeah their 5G in most areas is a bit lacking..however theyre still doing upgrades so we will see how that all pans out over the next couple years.


i switched to 4G LTE and my speeds are faster than they used to be...i check 5G here and there to see if there have been any improvements...if not i switch back

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Man, I hate to do this to you, but it's only temporary.  All 5g devices are steered to T-Mobile 5G.  It's true an agent can go in and remove TNA, but a script is run and it will automatically put it on there.  It's also true an agent can block TNA, but only on 4g devices.  That bar does not work on 5G devices.


Now, I will say, keep TNA on your device because in the very near future those devices will receive another code that will allow the device to drift between Sprint and T-Mobile and not just a hard stuck on T-Mobile.  I cannot go into detail and probably said to much already, but trust me.

Thank you for your sage wisdom and words of advice. I hope I can speak for the entire forum here that you are truly appreciated and we are grateful for all the information you provide us in advance.

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