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Pixel 3 xl stuck on 3g

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Pixel 3 xl stuck on 3g

I have 2 pixel 3 xl phones and both of them will often get stuck on 3g and not switch back to lte until I toggle airplane mode, then they will switch back to lte and stay for a while then at some point if they fall back to 3g they will get stuck on 3g even though I am in an area with strong lte coverage.  Please help.

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Oh I see, what's the size of the building because normally, concrete can act as a coverage barrier that would affect services like in this particular situation. 


It has been a probl since i bought it new from Sprint.  I have taken it to Sprint retail store and was told it has no problem.


Okay, try these steps for me and let me know if it works.

  1. Tap OK if error displays.
  2. Once at Home screen
  3. Press the Home screen, drag from bottom to top to open up apps.  Tap Settings.
  4. Tap the Network & internet.
  5. Tap Mobile network.
  6. Tap Advanced.
  7. Tap Carrier Settings.
  8. Tap Update device config.
  9. Customer sees Configuring your device.
    • Do not interrupt this process
    • If screen goes into sleep mode, customer may tap screen to wake up phone.
      • Do not press Cancel or hold down End key as it will interrupt process.
  10. Once complete, phone displays: The device has been activated. Press OK to continue.
  11. Press the Home key.

It does have concrete exterior walls but I still can pick up decent Sprint LTE on 25 and 26 (If not disabled due to low speed).  As mentioned before, band 25 works inside and it can vary from 5 to 8 mbps download and 1 or 3 mbps upload which is not great but way better then anything I get on tmobile band 12 or 2.

My main priority is to not use TMobile bands, I don't see any benefit from them virtually anywhere I've been inside or outside.   I need to figure out a way for my phone to not see these Tmobile bands, aslong as I disable these Tmobile bands I can then on my own via the dialer menu select the bands that work best for me depending on my current situation.  I believe a phone with a Sprint sim card and provisioned for the Sprint network, merger or not should be able either at a device level or network level to not use a different network.   There must be a way. 

Are current sprint customers service still prioritized to use Sprint towers despite the Tmobile merger? If my phone catches a Tmobile signal with a Sprint Sim card installed, I would assume it would technically be roaming (even if the roaming icon doesn't pop up on the phone's status bar) until the Tmobile network fully takes priority over the Sprint network in the coming months?


Hmm, alright. Can you send me a private message. I'd like to refresh your services from my end. 


@Forza541x I was reviewing boards for quality and came across this one.  Can you please PM me your phone number, I would like to check your account.

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