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Pixel 3a XL Won't Activate on Google Fi (originally activated on Sprint)


Pixel 3a XL Won't Activate on Google Fi (originally activated on Sprint)

Hi, I have a Google Pixel 3a XL bought from that was delivered to me on 5/17/19. At the time of purchase, I chose Sprint as the carrier and Best Buy tells me it is a Sprint phone. The phone is fully purchased; not on a lease or installment plan. This is what I bought:


I activated the phone with Sprint and really love the phone but the service was spotty and wanted to try it out on the Google Fi network to compare, as Sprint advertises all over that they have a 100% total satisfaction guarantee:


Starting June 1st, I attempted to activate my Pixel 3a XL on Google Fi, and as of today, June 19th, I am still unable to activate it on Google Fi.


On June 10th, a Google Fi support agent told me it had to be deactivated from Sprint before it would activate on Google Fi:


Good afternoon, thank you for contacting Google Fi Support!

Pleased to meet you! My name is Alex. I am a Specialist with Google Fi. I can definitely help you with your activation. It shows the device is currently in use. Device will need to be inactive before we can activate the device on Fi.

In the meantime, if you have any additional questions or concerns please let us know. We would be delighted to further assist you!



Google Fi Support


So, June 10th, 10 days into the troubleshooting and 7 days prior to the Sprint 30 day 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee, I canceled my Sprint account and easily activated my old T-Mobile Samsung phone & number with Google Fi, so since this date I've been unable to use and enjoy my Google Pixel 3a XL.


Back to the issue with the Pixel 3a XL activation on Google Fi. It should be able to download the Google Fi eSIM, but when it tries to do so, it always goes to an error screen saying "Unfortunately, your Google Fi service can't be activated right now. ID: E0X60003."


The very first Google support agent told me I need a physical SIM, and I ordered that but discovered it doesn't resolve the problem.


I've talked with Sprint (at 888-211-4727), and they assure me that the phone is unlocked for domestic and international use. Checked with them on this at least 4 times, including with Google support on a conference call.


This issue has supposedly been escalated to an "executive" level, but here I am waiting and days are going by with my new phone sitting, unusable. And Google has not been keeping me in-the-know about the progress, either.


The last email I got from Google was Friday, June 14th, saying:


Hi Rob,

Thank you for your response and assistance. Your case has been escalated to our engineers to get to the bottom of why it is not allowing you to activate service. Thank you for your patience in the matter and as soon as we have a response we will reach out to you with a resolution.

If the tables were turned, and my customer was having this issue, I would have sent a replacement device after about 3 days of trouble. Then the engineers could work on studying and fixing the issue without inconveniencing the end user.


I checked the IMEI number on and it says:


Device Matches
  • No products match this ESN / IMEI
Blacklist Check
  • Device is on the global IMEI whitelist.
  • The device has been registered and is an authentic IMEI number.
  • Device is not on the global IMEI blacklist.
  • The device is not currently flagged as lost/stolen.


I hope someone can help me get this resolved!


Thanks in advance.


Hi Rob! Did you purchase this phone outright at a "Sprint Branded" device with sprint service, or as an unlocked device to activate with Sprint? 

If purchased through Sprint at Best Buy, the phone does need to be active on a Sprint account for a minimum of 50 days before we will be able to unlock it for use with another carrier.  


Tacos and Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. We're likely not going to agree on this, but trust I'll work hard to get you an acceptable solution to your issue.

First time I heard of this, but if it is the answer then it is surely a relief to hear from someone who has a good answer!


The sales funnel on the website never made it clear to me and certainly didn't warn me that I'd have to be on any network for any minimum amount of time. On the contrary, all of Sprint's marketing gave me the impression that it would be "risk-free" to try Sprint, that there are "no contracts" and the "30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee."


This answer does leave a few questions...


1. Why would there be a 50-day requirement if the consumer must decide within 30 days whether they are 100% satisfied?

2. Why doesn't Google Fi support know about this and tell me the issue right away rather than drawing out a long troubleshooting process?

3. During the troubleshooting process, I've contacted the Sprint unlocking department at 888-211-4727 numerous times (including on conference with Google Fi support), and they always told me the phone is unlocked for domestic & international use.

4. What do I do now?


1. The 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee is going to be exercised by people that have purchased a phone directly from Sprint. The Guarantee is ensuring that they can return a phone that they just leased and have the lease canceled. The people that are exercising the Guarantee typically aren't bringing their own devices to Sprint, and wouldn't be keeping the device obtained from Sprint. 


2. Unfortunately, we can't answer to why Google Fi is working this the way that they are. 


3. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at an unlock. My Team is trained to dig deeper into the phone to determine if it's truly eligible for unlock and if the unlock rests on us. The phone can say unlocked in my system, but it actually not have anything to do with Sprint. Since Google Fi is an MVNO, we have to check the ownership code.


4. I'm going to send you a private message to get the IMEI, and we'll work from there. 





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I've researched the phone. Unfortunately, it's a Sprint branded phone. This means its subject to the 50 day activation. At this point, the phone would need to be reactivated on Sprint for 50 days, then it's free to be unlocked. 





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Queen of Unlocks and Billing Questions. Samsung for Life!!
Kudos and Accepted Solutions are welcomed and appreciated.

"The Sprint satisfaction guarantee is available for a limited time to new customers who activate a line of service at a Sprint company-owned store or preferred retailer, by calling 1-800-SPRINT1 or online at"


Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO, says, “Sprint’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee is giving consumers the opportunity to try us out worry-free and experience everything Sprint has to offer – our award-winning, super-fast LTE Plus Network, the best price for unlimited plans, and so much more. No gimmicks, it’s that simple."


See complete text here:


It would be nice to be informed of this important detail, "must be activated for 50 days to unlock," prior to the purchase! This is not a gimmick?


gim·mick /ˈɡimik/ noun
  1. a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.



Was this ever resolved? I'm having the exact some problem currently with a Pixel 3 I activated on Sprint last year. So i'm probably not having the same device active less than 50 days issue since mines been almost a year. I've called Sprint's support and they confirm my device is unlocked and should be able to activate on other carriers.


However, I've been trying to port my number to Google Fi for over a week now with activation errors. Been going back and forth with their support and they said the same thing to contact Sprint to release the number. 


Has anyone figured out how to resolve this or if there is a separate way to look at numbers to ensure they can be released to another carrier?




How long was the phone activated on Sprint?


I've been with Sprint for like 11 months, but didn't activate my Pixel 3 phone until February of this year. So probably around 6 months. I didn't buy the Pixel 3 from Sprint, it was an unlocked Verizon phone I BYOD'd to Sprint.


Hi Wade. I'd be glad to take a closer look at your Pixel 3 and see what's going on. It's possible that it's had an unlock code sent previously but the code was missed and not completed so our system shows that the phone is unlocked because a code was released. If we need to send out a new unlock code, we can coordinate that. I'm going to shoot you a PM to get some additional info so we can help further. 


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I also bought a Pixel 3a from sprint and am having EXACTLY the same issue as the orginal poster Robblaze. Disappointed in both Sprint and Google.

  • Trying to port to Google Fi: get unlock message with e0x60003 code.
  • Tried using a physical Google Fi sim
  • Have talked to Sprint 7 or more times to get the phone unlocked
  • Paid for the phone in full up front and had it about 2 months
  • Worked with Google Fi support countless times
  • Sprint will not refund the phone
  • Google will not refund the phone
  • I did a full factory reset and get the same error

davef28 - I've sent you a PM. Please, check your inbox.

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