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Pixel 4 SHIPPING!?!?


Pixel 4 SHIPPING!?!?

I've been getting the runaround from Sprint reps as to when the actual Pixel pre-orders will begin shipping. I've gotten dates ranging from 10/21 - 10/24.


WHY does Sprint think we'd preorder a device only to learn they won't ship it to us until after the device has been made available at ALL retail stores? What level of common sense would have you waiting past the retail availability date for pre-order to arrive, doesn't this defeat the purpose of a pre-order altogether?


HOPEFULLY SOMEONE FROM SPRINT CAN CHIME IN WITH A REAL ANSWER (unlike all the reps I've chatted with who consistently say different things)


Re: Pixel 4 SHIPPING!?!?

Hey there. The launch date is the 24th. There are lots of customers who are just as excited as you to get their hands on their new Pixel and we are working to get them their preordered phones on the 24th. Shipping phones out on a new phone launch is a not a switch that gets flipped and everything all goes out the door at the same time kind of thing. When you have lots of orders to put through so we can't tell you specifically what date your phone is going out because it's a general time frame. HOWEVER, you can keep an eye on your order via the My Order section of the website to get your UPS tracking # and be able to track your device live as it is processed and released for delivery specific to you/your order. 


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