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Voicemail notification won't go away - Pixel 3


Voicemail notification won't go away - Pixel 3

I have a Google Pixel 3 set up for the Sprint network and I keep getting a notification that I have 2 voicemails.  However, when I call my number to check my voicemail it says that I have no messages.

I have tried going into settings to delete app data and clear cache for the phone app and that makes the notification go away, but it comes back whenever I restart my phone and I'm looking for a permanent solution.

I've also tried doing a hard restart by holding down the power button for several seconds until the phone resets and I've also called my own number to verify that there are no messages and made sure to press * afterwards to exit voicemail rather than just hanging up, but that pesky voicemail notification keeps coming back.

Has anybody been able to fix this problem for the Pixel 3?




Re: Voicemail notification won't go away - Pixel 3

We have some steps that we usually use when the voicemail isn't working at all. I would like to try them on your voicemail to see if it will cure this issue. I want to ensure you don't have any voicemails saved, for this process will delete them. 





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Re: Voicemail notification won't go away - Pixel 3

I'm interested in hearing about this solution, I don't have any saved voicemails.


Re: Voicemail notification won't go away - Pixel 3

Okay we can start the process. Just send one of us a PM to start the troubleshooting. 

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