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Easter Egg: System UI Tuner

Sprint Product Ambassador


Here is a sneaky feature that Google implemented with the new Android 6.0 update. Its called System UI tuner. This introduces something the custom ROM community has had for years. Its really easy to enable and this only works for 6.0. Below I have attached screenshots to give your phone a little more customization.


Swipe down the notification bar and hold down on the gear icon until it starts spinning. should take a second or two.


Then go into the general settings, System UI Tuner should be there after the spinning gear action.


Once selected it will give you a warning advising this is not for all people. Googe explains this feature is experimental at this time.


These are the extra options that are provided to you with the System UI Tuner unlocked. I enabled the show battery percentage. I love this feature just to pay attention to my battery. It is hard to see at times but remember this is experimental.


Selecting Status bar gives these option to remove the clutter of some icons you don't want to see. This doesn't disable them or anything like that. Just hides them for people like me that like a clean status bar. Hope you like this small tweak that I enjoy.

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