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Motorola Moto X Pure : you had me at hello - Sprint Product Ambassador


This cheesy line gets me every time however, it is the feeling I got when I opened the box for the new Moto X pure edition.

It's been 2 weeks since I got this device.

When I saw the box, I felt like how new visitors do when they come to the Magic Kingdom here in Orlando.

You can't see what's inside, but you know your gonna have a good time.

Many manufacturers spend their time and effort chasing other company's, what is done by one is usually copied by the other.

Motorola goes away from this trend with all of their devices.

It's the same I feel for the Moto X pure, there are no other companies out there letting you customize almost every portion of the phone.


What other manufacturer actually gives you options?

Other manufacturers create their inventory by deciding what is best for you, they do not let you make your own decisions.

Motorola is like a good restaurant, I always gauge a great restaurant by the ability to ask the Chef to make something off the menu.

Motorola allows you the customer to design the phone the way you want it.

I'm a guy that hates when the only choice is pepsi or coke, sometimes I want the choice of cheer wine.

The Moto X is my favorite phone of 2015, my love the phone goes back to the original Moto X, this new iteration has only confirmed that feeling.


Stanny George

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