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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Get the Shmore stuff ready, because Motorola is bringing the Marshmallow (Yes, Moto X Pure Marshmallow!)



One of the many benefits of having a Motorola phone with the fact that the software is essentially stock

Android, with some minor practical add-ons.  Having a near-stock environment also means that Google

updates can be implemented much faster on the Motorola phones (directly through the manufacturer)

than virtually every other major offering on the market.  The Motorola pure edition is no exception, my

friends.  As of noon yesterday, I have had a delicious marshmallow inside of my phone, and it is running

great!  I waited 24 hours to make sure I didn't see anything unusual before advising everything to accept

the download sooner than later, but let me tell you, it's running smoother than ever, and the additional

features make an already practical phone that would make any pragmatist blush.  Here are a few of the

features most people will appreciate:

1. Copy and paste has become even easier and more precise.  This is especially useful when trying to

copy an address out of a text message.  I used to copy the whole message and then deleting everything

except for the address when pasting in Google maps!  Ugh!  So frustrating, but no more!

2. The confusing attempt Google made at adding more functionality to the Volume options made even

the most tech savvy person scratch their head.  I missed several appointments because I thought my

alarm would go off in silent mode, but it actually had to be in priority mode...........what the frack?!  If

I didn't want the alarm to go off, I wouldn't have scheduled it in the first place!  Wooossaaahhhh!

Serenity now!  Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I can tell you that my frustration is gone, thanks

to the new volume controls.  They are much clearer as far as knowing what you're changing.

3. Doze.  Doze is the newest attempt at improving battery life on Android.  The theory is simple: lower

usage of everything when the phone isn't being used.  Simple, right?  Essentially, with the except of

important notifications (including messages and calls), the interval between checks on background

processes becomes longer, saving you a ton of battery when you're not using the phone.  This is going to

be a big deal for most normal users, but remember that this will not affect the amount of battery drained

while using screen time, so be aware of that (I'm looking at you, person that has their screen on max

brightness, ALWAYS).


Although this only scratches the surface, these are the biggest reasons I decided to update to Marshmallow,

and although it has only been 24 hours, I am too happy that I decided to download it.  You can check out

more features here, or by doing a simple Google search.  Moto X Pure Edition Marshmallow!!!!  Yay!!

Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. sprintemployee