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Moto X - New Client - Moto Maker $0.00


Moto X - New Client - Moto Maker $0.00

I spent 4 hours trying to order a new Moto X for my girlfriend last night and she wanted to get the phone customized to her specifications on Motorola's Moto Maker site. We moved from Sprint's website to the other website and created the phone. She was all excited because a fellow co-worker had told her how his daughter created her Moto X on Sunday (11/17) was given a 'promo-code' and didn't pay for the phone due to Sprint's promotion for new client's when brought in from another wireless carrier. I was shuffled from person to person last night wanting me to take a black or white phone and acted like they didn't know anything about the promotion on their own website. Most of my time was spent listening to the horrible elevator music. The last person (Derek) I thought was going to solve this issue as he "acted" like he understood and cared got to a point and transferred me to Chris to remove my order since Sprint doesn't honor what they posted to they're website for new clients. Chris after having me hold for 33 minutes (yes, I counted), hung-up. I've been with Sprint since 1999 on my land-line first and went cellular later that year. I was only off for a brief period (6 months) as I recovered from a heart-attack. After all of the bragging about Sprint this happens. She (and I) are now concerned about Customer Support and do I want to stay here after many years? Apparently you can't use the Moto Maker website with Sprint only the other carriers. Any other client's have this issue?


Re: Moto X - New Client - Moto Maker $0.00

Yeah sprint could not tell me if the moto. Has Sim card in it. It does. Ran me through the hold wringer for about 1 hour.. Sad you don't know what your selling. Customer service has gone from good back to where it was CRAPPY..


Re: Moto X - New Client - Moto Maker $0.00

Yes, I was so mad when I had received my moto x that I had made on the moto maker because I had wanted more memory on the phone. So I get my new phone I go to the store to activate it and have everything moved over from my old phone and of course add insurance back on so in case I was break the phone. So everythings activated we get to the part about insurance and the guy tries for like 15 mins and says he cannot add it on to contact customer service. So I contact cust service to have it added on and after sitting on hold FOREVER finally he comes back on to inform me that since I did not purchase it through Sprint but on a website they clearly advertised on that page and it used my two year upgrade and i sure did get charged and upgrade fee but unfortunately they couldnt cover it under there insurance. So I went and got a secondary ins which guess what is cheeper then sprints monthly ins and the deductible on the phone is $100 lower then sprints as well.  You guys just always have really crappy customer service agents though.


Re: Moto X - New Client - Moto Maker $0.00


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I apologize for the inconvenience. Is there something that I can assist you with, we do not want you feeling this way?

Jen R

Sprint Social Care Team

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