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Moto X Pure Edition: Domestic Roaming


Moto X Pure Edition: Domestic Roaming

Still using my trusty Moto X 2013; although its now getting too slow, and its about to be two Android OS's behind.  I was considering a Pixel XL; but given that I can still get a Moto X Pure, and not have to give up Moto Voice (which is the best way to communicate while driving), I figured I'd test drive a Moto phablet before spending x2.5 times as much for an XL.


Sprint users happy with the MXP?  I saw, on another two website discussion boards, that one truck driver was unable to domestic roam on his new MXP soon after it came up, nor on the replacement that Lenovo sent him.  Does anyone else have trouble connecting to roaming data when you leave Sprint network coverage?


Thanks in advance,



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