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Phone call quality


Re: Phone call quality


We thank you for your feedback regarding the phone issue you're having. We understand your frustration trying to get your phone to work right when it won't. What we suggest you do at this time, is to perform a Master Reset of your phone and restore it back to factory default settings. The instructions below are step by step procedures to reset your phone. We highly recommend that you completely backup all your data and phone numbers on this device to a folder on your desktop, before you proceed with the steps listed below:

1. Tap the Quick Settings icon.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap Backup & Reset.
4. Review the backup & Restore setting, then set the preferred options.
5. Then tap factory data reset.
6. Read the warning message, then tap Reset phone.
7. Tap Erase everything.
8. The handset will completely reset and restart.
9. At this point, your phone will be ready to use and you will have to download the same app again to see if this will resolve your issue.
If this method fails to give you the results that you are looking for. We recommend that you bring your phone into a Sprint repair center
for further assistance.

- Morris
Sprint Social Care

Re: Phone call quality

I feel like nobody is actually reading what I am writing.  This is not a problem with an app.  This is a problem with the phone service.  I am not using an app, just placing a call. 


Re: Phone call quality

I am sorry that I didn't completely understand. I did some research on this issue and now I completely understand how you did the conference call. I found that some callers used a bluetooth headset and it made the volume higher. Does this happen on all calls or just conference calls? This may or may not be an answer but I am still doing research. I just wanted to let you know what I found so far. I will let you know what I find later.

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