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Product Ambassador: Hear and Back Again Cont.


Hear and Back Again

  1. Continued......

There Moto found himself at the bottom of the well of Dropbox, he was lucky the fall had not damaged him significantly.  SME-Eagle was trying to confuse Moto, with riddle games, like, what walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at mid day, and three legs at night?  And then what only gets wetter as it dries.  Moto snappily responded with a Towel. The defeated SME-Eagle recoiled and cried to himself.   Moto was not certain what was the issue with the little strange creature that seemed so conflicted.

Moto took the opportunity to pocket the One Tag and look for the  as Moto found the exit from the well of Dropbox.  He had found himself reunited with Otterbox the grey, and the band of accessories that had sought to bring him along on their adventures.  They were on the plains of delivery.  They were trying to escape the Fedorcs.  The Fedorcs had Otterbox, Moto, and the Accessories trapped.  They had been pushed back up to a a pinnacle of rock on the plains of delivery, the Fedorcs spread out to envelop the fellowship.

Something must be done.  There was a pitched battle with fedorcs.  Ehdee Seleventh of Clan Headphone was trapped alone with the Fedorcs and a raging fire.  It was then the Moto understood what it meant to be part of the fellowship.  While he did not need Ehdee, he would not be the same with out his trusted accessory.  Unexpectedly Moto and the others were carried away on the wings of giant brown eagles to the fabled land of Inmypocket. 

Moto did not know that he was not far from the land of his birth at this time.  Travel had changed around the directions in his mind.  Moto knew that adventure was what he was really happy with he was glad he had not remained in the box on the top of Row end.

Moto looked to Otterbox and the accessories, in the distance the Lonely Tower awaited with fabled with LTE power, it was up to the fellowship of accessories, Moto and Otterbox to defeat the powerful dragon Airvana

....To Be Continued, the Desolation of Airvana