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Product Ambassador: Moto X and Motorola Spotlight Player


It appears it was a windy day in Moto land.  On this windy day Motorola collaborated with Animators from Pixar animation studios.  It is a cute enhanced reality application.  The screen perspective moves as you move the device about.  This lets you catch different parts of the little animated short that is playing on your device.  You have to move around and dance a bit, and sometimes you look a little foolish but this is a great app.  It is fun for your children, fun for adults.  I had 8 people shifting and following me around as I showed it off this morning at Starbucks.  It was like a makeshift flash mob.  Here are some screen shots.




To install this app go to Play Store and search Motorola Spotlight Player.  Once installed you can find the app in your widgets, not in your applications.  Once you place the widget, open it up and play the video and enjoy.

Thank you Motorola, Google, and Pixar for the Fun

Jeremy the Product Ninja

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