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Sprint Product Ambassador: OK Blue Now! My Moto X Touchless Control

Sprint Product Ambassador

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One of the great features of the Motorola Moto X is Touchless Control. Touchless Control allows me to awaken my Moto X phone to make calls, play music among other things through voice commands without a need to touch my phone.


I re-trained my Moto X to OK Blue Now! I have had others try and wake it and provide commands with no success after I trained it to my voice. The first part though is training Moto X Touchless Control to my voice. I can always retrain my Moto X Touchless Control by going to Settings> Touchless Control> Train Launch Phrase.

Now, the directions want me to say "OK Google Now", although there is a way to train the Moto X Touchless Control with other phrases or name in place of Google. My Moto X is trained with "OK Blue Now" and helps me personalize my phone a little more in making it all about Blue.


Training Touchless Control requires repeating the same phrase 3 times with the phone held out away from you. If I said it to loud or did not like the phrase being used, I would have to repeat it until the phrase is excepted 3 times. Once training has been completed, I received a prompt to try it out.

Here are 3 different commands I tried while the phone was in sleep mode with the screen black:

OK Blue Now - What the weather in Oklahoma


OK Blue Now set my alarm clock for Saturday 8 night


OK Blue Now navigate to Great Wold Lodge in Grapevine Texas


Each time I provided a command, my Moto X woke up and followed the command given. I have made phone calls this way while driving with my Moto X Bluetooth connected in my truck providing hands free dialing while driving!

Motorola has a list of commands on their website listed here. There are tips and more information on Touchless Control on their website.

  • What questions do you have about Moto X Touchless Control?
  • What phrase did you train your Moto X Touchless Control with?
  • What would you like to see in a future Moto X Product Ambassador blog?



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