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Why no Moto X 2014?


Re: Why no Moto X 2014?

Thanks!  I sent a respectful email to in regards to the 2nd Gen Moto X as well.  The more people who do this will increase visibility to the demand for this device.

Don't treat the email as an opportunity to bitch and complain about other gripes one may have.  Purely treat it as a vehicle to express your desire and interest in this device, and to voice your displeasure with the lack of information about whether Sprint will EVER offer this device for sale.  I also mentioned that the same thing would happen if they don't announce whether they will also support the new Blackberry devices like the Passport and Classic.

I also said that the longer Sprint goes without any official news about 2nd Gen Moto X, Blackberry Passport, Blackberry Classic or other new devices, the number of existing customers who get fed up and decide to leave will only increase.  A simple post on Newsroom saying Sprint will offer the device for sale "at some point in the near future" would be sufficient for a lot of people as you would know it was just a matter of time.  That is better than complete radio silence, which is what we have now.  It's been 45 days since the launch of the Moto X and Sprint still has not made ANY official announcement about whether they will, or will not, support this device.


Re: Why no Moto X 2014?


Thank you for sharing this information with us. We appreciate your input, and we will continue to explore device options so that we can provide those devices which customers are interested in purchasing.

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Re: Why no Moto X 2014?

Waiting for the Moto X 2nd Gen here as well.  (or even the Moto Maxx???!!)


Re: Why no Moto X 2014?

Anyone reading this, please go sign this petition to get Sprint to bring the new Moto X to their network:

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