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Direct connect


Direct connect

Does anyone else have horrible direct connect coverage in 02138? especially in doors


The Direct Connect feature on our Kyocera Duramax phones works less than half of the time.  Either

the phones are crap or Sprint coverage here in Honolulu Hawaii is really horrible.  Either way, we

are only able to Direct Connect about 40% of the time.   We frequently get the "unable to connect",

"open filp for details" message.  Sometimes the problem is resolved by rebooting one of the phones

which makes me think that it's both a phone/software problem and a coverage problem.  I went to the

Sprint store once to let them troubleshoot the issue and they told me that they couldn't find a

problem.  Of course.  The phones were working fine at the Sprint store.  If I ask them to replace the

phones (which I did on the day I went to the Sprint store) they will tell me that I need to pay a $35

fee.  Imagine that; I need to pay them to fix the issue.  What a load of crap.  I would like Sprint

to assign someone to work with me to resolve this issue.  This is not right.  They will make me pay

the ETF if I want to disconnect because of bad coverage and they won't do anything to fix the

problem.  They want to send me into the Sprint store again to "troubleshoot" the problem.  I'm going

to be told again "we couldn't find a problem" and then leave with the same phones and crappy service.

What a waste of time.



Pulled your zip, and there are no tickets open. What’s going on? I would love to help! Is it for Sprint, or Nextel? Are you getting any error message?


Sprint direct connect goes through the data. Will you try to update your data profile, prl, clear your cache, and power cycle your phone. I will aslo be happy to look closer into your area. May I get your major cross streets, and zip?


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