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Pictures Not Loading after Update!!


Pictures Not Loading after Update!!

Since latest software update my pictures will not load when trying to view a single pic. I go into camera,then gallery home,then my library,this brings up my albums,select which album i want which pulls up all photos in that album,then try to select a single pic from that album to view, it then goes to a black screen with "Loading..." in the middle and does nothing else, will not load picture.  Also I noticed after taking photos now they do not show up in any of my albums and cant find them on my phone anywhere.  Any ideas?


Re: Pictures Not Loading after Update!!

Mine is doing the same. You can find your pictures in settings>removable sd card>DCIM>camera. After going to this location and viewing the pics they showed up in my gallery. I can't give you a reason why this is happening sorry. Also after taking the pic it will show up in the corner of your camera screen and if you touch it you can access all your pics scrolling back to the right. Hope this helps til another update comes out to fix the new problems that have occured.

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