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So Moto, why isn't the Admiral getting ICS??? [Comparison]


So Moto, why isn't the Admiral getting ICS??? [Comparison]

Honestly there's no excuse for Motorola not to upgrade the Admiral to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sony has ICS running on 2 similar spec phones- Xperia Active and Xperia Tipo. If they can do it, so can Motorola.

Quick summary of similarities and differences:

  • All have 512MB of RAM
  • All have similar size screen
  • Both Sony's have slower processors
  • Both Sony's have much less internal storage space
  • 1 Sony was introduced before the Admiral, 1 after


Why should you care?

Motorola says it wasn't possible so that you could have a good user experience. However, both of the Sony's are slower and have less memory. Try again Motorola. You just want to sell more of the newest phones, and not support those already out. Sprint is advertising this phone a ton lately since it's the only smartphone compatible with their new Direct Connect PTT, you'd think they'd persuade Motorola to not let it die. This is the 4th time Motorola has given up on Sprint (i1, Titanium, XPRT, now the Admiral).

Here is the breakdown of specs:


Click to view the full comparison at Phone Arena


Re: So Moto, why isn't the Admiral getting ICS??? [Comparison]

Very good point! Agree Motorola just wants us to keep buying phones instead of upgrading current ones.  All the phones mentioned above could and should have received software updates. If you noticed though they are not smartphones Kyocera is having no problems releasing updates to their Sprint Direct Connect phones.  Will be interested to see if Kyocera releases an Android Sprint Direct Connect phone, how they handle the updates.


Re: So Moto, why isn't the Admiral getting ICS??? [Comparison]

Totally agree here also, i own an Admeral, and at first i thought the reason was just that, there wasn`t enough memory to run ICS, but after reading this i`m thinkin` i`m wrong, as has been said there are other like handsets that have ICS, why not the Admeral??  As to Kyocera, if they were to release an Android PTT handset i`d be SOOOOO getting ridda Motorola and going to a Kyocera unit joke here, i would lose Motorola quick!  Now i`m thinking that this may (emphassis added) be the "lead effects" of (possibly) Motorola getting outta the cellphone thingy altogether, just my prediction, so we gotta wait and see what crops up there i guess, after all, they DO still have their commercial two-way radio thingy, and given that Google gulped `em down, i`m kinda wondering.  TK241

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