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11/16 - Motorola ES400S Software Update - 01.20.2027


11/16 - Motorola ES400S Software Update - 01.20.2027

Motorola ES400S Software Update - 01.20.2027


- Barcode Scanner improvements

- Fingerprint Reader improvements

- Email improvements

- GPS improvements

- Camera enhancements

- E911  call exit improvement

- *2 call improvements

- CDMA call settings

- Network time consistency

Update your software

     See download instructions here

Check the version on your phone

     Tap Start (Windows icon) to bring up the main menu

     Tap Settings > System > System Info

    Software version will be listed under OS Version

Important Notes:

- This update is provided as a download only

- The link provided in 'Update your software' provides release notes and install instructions.

- This update will perform a factory reset that will return your device to the factory settings. 

  Please backup your data and custom loaded applications

  prior to applying the update. 

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11/16 - Motorola ES400S Software Update - 01.20.2027

Couple of things about this.  First I think you are referring to the OEM Version, not the OS Version when you say check for 01.20.2027 (nit picking, but accuracy is important).  Here was my experience -- my current version is 01.20.2022 on a clean device.  I tried upgrading the firmware and it told me that there were no firmware upgrades available.  So is your version number also incorrect?  We use our devices for bar code scanning, so I want to make sure I have the latest greatest firmware.


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