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3/30 - Motorola i886 Maintenance Release - RC9.01.01


3/30 - Motorola i886 Maintenance Release - RC9.01.01

Motorola i886 Maintenance Release - RC9.01.01


- Select phone number in a text message and be able to text to that number

- Ability to forward a text message

- Being able to browse directory during Calendar event creation

- Adding subject to text message converts it to a multimedia message (MMS)

- Missing Send to Voicemail option on Call Waiting incoming call menu options

- No feedback when search corporate directory runs into an error

- Character counter disappears when over 160 characters in a text message

- Enabling Accessibilities option conflicts with the voice command functions

- When sending MMS message to a phone on another carrier, it creates an error and message is not sent

Update your software:

To update your i886 using your computer:

   1. Click the arrow to open the Application menu

   2. Scroll down and select the Settings icon

   3. In the Settings menu, scroll down and choose USB

   4. In the USB menu, click on Memory Card so there is a check mark

      next to it

   5. Click the back key to exit

   6. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable

   7. The E: Drive should automatically open on your computer as this

      is where the SD Card is located; highlight Open Folder to

      View Files and click OK

   8. Keep the phone connected to your computer and click here to

      Download the Software to the Root Directory of the phone, which

      should be the E: Drive as mentioned above

          * IMPORTANT: Be sure to choose Save on the File Download

            pop-up window; in the Save As window, change the File

            Name to so the SD Card can read the file

   9. Once the download is saved, go to Settings and click on About Phone

  10. Choose System Updates

  11. You will see an install update prompt; select Install Now and

      your phone will power off and back on and display the installation


Note: The update may take up to 15 minutes to complete.

      During this timeframe, the phone may look like it is stuck

      on the LOGO Screen. This is normal and will change once the

      install is complete

Check the software version on your phone:

   1. Press Menu/OK

   2. Go to Settings and press Menu/OK

   3. Select About Phone, then press Menu/OK

   4. Choose Trace Mode and press Menu/OK

   5. Scroll to Unit Info, then press Menu/OK

   6. Scroll and highlight Software

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