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Activating my Dads Moto Q


Activating my Dads Moto Q

I have my dads old Moto Q and I was wondering if it's possible to activate it under my name with my own plan. What would I need to do?


Re: Activating my Dads Moto Q

If you currently do not have a Sprint account, you would need to contact Telesales to open a new account or you can open a new account at a local Sprint store. A credit check will be ran and if approved for one or more lines, you will be able to activate the phone onto one of the current plans that are being offered. This could possibly require a deposit which is determined by the credit check.

If you are currently on your father's account and would like to be on your own plan and account, this would require a transfer of liability which can be done by Account Services This would also required a credit check. Your current contract dates would be transferred with the transfer of liability.

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