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Any problems with the Motorola i890?


Any problems with the Motorola i890?

Hi all,

I finally am getting rid of that dreaded i776w phone which has been giving me nothing but trouble since I got it!  I have been in contact w/Sprint with more phone calls & emails than I care to count.  But finally they are going to give me the "upgrade" price and discount on a new phone since I only bought this phone in November '09 am not eligible for the yearly upgrade.  I am going to get the Motorola i890, which has similar features that I'm looking for in a phone.  After much "haggling" with them, they have finally agreed to give me the discount and the mail-in rebate which will allow me to purchase the phone quite cheaply. 

What I want to know is if anyone has this i890 phone and if they have had any problems with it.  I checked the reviews and saw that there was quite a lot of good ones and only 1 bad one which was not even that much of an issue.

I am hoping this new phone will not give me all the issues that I had w/the i776w!!!  If I have to replace another phone, I think I'll scream so loudly that everyone's eardrums will burst!  LOL

I'll be checking back periodically to see if anyone has posted.

Thanks for your help.


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