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Does the Motorola Clutch i465 (Nextel) support email (POP3)?


Does the Motorola Clutch i465 (Nextel) support email (POP3)?

I have received both Yes and No answers from Sprint, so it's very confusing.  Also, if you read the phone catalogs from Sprint it says that email is not supported. This seems kinda silly for a qwerty machine.  So I ask support and 1 person says it does support "Sprint Mobile Email" and the support webpages have tutorials on how to set up personal Yahoo emails.  So next I go to the Sprint store to see it for myself, but the there's no email program under the IM & Email section.  So what is it?  Does someone who actually has the phone been able to do email on it?  I am pretty sure the support people I spoke with are looking at the same confusing documentation I am.

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Re: Does the Motorola Clutch i465 (Nextel) support email (POP3)?

I never got a consistent answer for sales or support on my question.  So I finally just bought the phone and hoped it would work with email... And the answer is that out of the box it doesn't do email (at least not yahoo mail).  But sniffing around a bit on the phone, I was able to download Sprint Mobile Email which allows for Yahoo!Mail.  It's not blackberry-like in convienence but for what my wife needs to do with the phone on email, it seems to be fine.  I suggest Sprint update their documentation to make true the capability of the i465 understandable to potential customers.

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