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Enjoying my Nextel, now adding a 2nd one.


Enjoying my Nextel, now adding a 2nd one.

I've enjoyed the service and now I'm retiring a Sprint phone and swapping over to Nextel (i930). Older phone but seems to work fine, reception is pretty good. Any suggestions for apps, downloads and updates for the i930?


Re: Enjoying my Nextel, now adding a 2nd one.

Um...great question...I hope someone can provide you with some great advice on that.  Personally, many of us are anxiously waiting for the Motorola i1 to be released for us post-paid Nextel iDEN folks (like myself).

What I personally can suggest is perhaps joining our Nextel Nationwide Forum and Group Connect userbase.  There are about 5 of us from this site who regularly communicate via PTT to one since you have an i930, it may be a nice way to get some good PTT ( most of us say...DC) use out of it.

Regardless, I'm glad to hear you are a happy Nextel user and I hope that continues for many years.

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