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Having issues with Brute! On #3 in 2 months


Having issues with Brute! On #3 in 2 months

I Was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues with the Brute as I am. I Got my first one in July as a replacemnt for my i580 since the insurance company didn't have another 580 to replace the defective one they sent me. I was more than excited to recieve the phone since i had been drroling over it for months before then. Worked fine for about a month. Then one day i went to open a message and the screen went completely white. I turned the phone off then on again and it was fine for about half an hour. Then when i closed it it went white again. This time i wasn't able to fix it and didn't have a phone for 4 days. Got my new Brute, which was refurbished, lasted about a week before it started to do the white screen thing again, except it wasn't permanent before i brought it back to the store, but by the time i had, my camera stopped working for no apparent reason! When i took it back to the store they said they were going to order me a brand new one. Picked this one up and almost immediately had the white screen effect going on and it's quite annoying cuz it'll last a little while and makes it seem like i'm not going to have a working phone. And they've all liked to shut off on me for no reason at all, battery fully charged too! I'll go hours without text messages and then realize i sent some and should have gotten replies. Half of the ones i thought i sent were stuck in the outbox while others had been sent, and the replies i ended up getting after i power cycled the phone. The print store said after 3 devices i was able to get a different type of phone,. but they apparently don't have anything to swap this out with and i'm apparently stuck with it unless i want to pay for another phone and extend my contract another 2 years! any suggestions?

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