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How to File Formal Request to Motorola?


How to File Formal Request to Motorola?

How to File Formal Request to Motorola?

Not to say this will make it a reality for us to receive an official unlocked boot loader but check out Motorola Mobility's External Idea Submission page here and let us be heard formally.

According to the site, "EIS is the only method by which Motorola Mobility will receive and/or review any unsolicited external idea. Any external idea submitted to Motorola Mobility, Inc. by any other means will not be reviewed and will be promptly returned to the submitter, if physical, or automatically deleted, if electronic."

We can only hope and let's keep this going guys. At least at the moment, unofficially via the Motorola Forums, a Motorola Employee and forum moderator has responded to my questions in reference to our recent response to Soni's announcement and request for an unlocked boot loader and additional drivers necessary to support the devices on our own. This at least shows us in one avenue they are hearing us outside of the social sites.

So let's file our requests formally to get it into their ticketing system as another avenue of hope. Or maybe I am just too optimistic and delirious at this point.



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