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I880 and Bluetooth


I880 and Bluetooth

I am trying to find out with Bluetooth is available with the direct connect feature. I have reviewed several but can't find the details on this. I know the H710 was which I lost a few nights ago, and now this one is not available. Any suggestions?


Re: I880 and Bluetooth

If you can,find astore that was genuine Nextel before the merger with Sprint (although now all of the store signs just say Sprint, some of them were pure Nextel before the merger). Try to find one that has a sign in the window "Nextel Repair Center"; those people will have a better variety of Nextel accessories, and they will know which ones actually work best, because those stores were serving the Nextel community before Sprintcame along & mucked it all up.

Don't go to a store that was Sprint before the merger, and don't go to any new Sprint-Nextel stores.

If you don't have a former genuine Nextel store near you, then hopefully someone else with the knowledge you seek will answer you here.


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