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Moto Q 9c Sprint TV error

Patron RnM

Moto Q 9c Sprint TV error

I tried to access Sprint TV on my Moto Q 9c phone. It told me that I needed to update it and to download the file named:

SprintTV_SP_15x_01025.CAB. I did that and installed it, following the props. Sprint TV started and ran fine until I tried to exit out of it. It said there was an error and did I want to send it to Microsoft. I did that and now when I go into Sprint TV it is frozen and will not start or allow me to exit. I tried re-installing the program from the link above. It did the same thing, installing fine, then allowing me to watch shows, but when I exit it gives me an error and freezes up. When I finally get out of the program, when I try to access it again it goes straight to the frozen page. Any ideas on how to fix this so it runs correctly?

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Re: Moto Q 9c Sprint TV error

Please send me a message with the error code that you get. You may need to have your data profile updated.

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