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Motorola Photon 4G... been there done that!


Motorola Photon 4G... been there done that!

So, after months of waiting Motorola Photon 4G owners are finally informed that we will not be getting an upgrade to ICS. What can I say? Been there done that.

As a former LG Optimus owner I've been through this before, the promises, unexplained delays, failure of either phone manufacturer or Sprint to assume responsibility. And there are three common demoninators:  Spirnt, Android, and a crappy phone.

I expect to be told next that the Photon 4G won't work on Sprint's LTE network either.

I've got a little over a year left on my contract. Sprint has been the only carrier I've ever used, but if they don't wow me with LTE before my contract expires I'm gone.


Re: Motorola Photon 4G... been there done that!

Ummmm, it *won't* work on LTE.  (NOT KIDDING)

Didn't you already know that?   Still good on your threat?

Original moPho 4g is only a WIMAX 4g phone.

It does NOT have the LTE 4g radio hardware in it.  Radios are integrated and cannot be added on a repair or modification.  See the threads on the subject in a myriad of forums.

The *new* Photon "Q" is LTE.

So, you will have to replace the phone to access LTE.  What little Wimax coverage is out there will be taken back down eventually (2-3 years? maybe?) as LTE is brought online to replace it.

That is probably the single largest driving force for the moPho being abandoned.  It is obsolete on the new Sprint LTE network.

For those of us that live in "last-to-get-it" markets, we still use Wimax in the limited places we can get it.  (Omaha, and Lincoln, NE in my case)

I expect that LTE may just start to get here about the time my renewal comes due in a little over a year.  By then, there will be the first of the new Motoggle (or Googorola) phones, and we'll see how the trade-in deal is sweetened in the face of the class-action lawsuits.   At that point, I'll decide if I'm going to give the new combined company a chance to screw me over again or not.  The O/S deal is far less irritating to me than the Wimax-LTE deal is.

Looking forward, in technology terms, a year is a LONG time.  Looking backward, that is part of why many of the Photon users are incensed that they didn't get the most modern OS in the time it took for TWO MORE versions to release.  Especially considering that HOBBYISTS have outperformed Motorola on a hobbyist's budget.

Without the OS upgrade, no one knows if the problems many are seeing are caused by O/S flaws, or hardware incompatibilities.  (Probably both)  Motorola isn't (yet) releasing drivers into the public domain for aftermarket hobbyists and vendors to clean up the mess.

Motorola was an excellent radio/hardware company, but they got in over their head once mobile phones became computers.  They know telecom and radios.  That is why their phone-side quality is so good.  In computers, Motorola hasn't been even competitive in that field since the early EARLY days along with Texas Instruments.  Think 6xxx series in the 1970's.  Then came Intel.  Instead of innovating, they bailed out.

Google should be positioned to help them catch up in terms of software integration.  There is some serious potential depending on whether Google rapes them and throws them away or integrates them.


Re: Motorola Photon 4G... been there done that!


Yeah, I didn't really think the Photon 4G would work on the LTE network either. However, after visiting a Sprint service center (twice) as well as a sales center (once) to complain about problems with Sprint's 4G network in my area (Chicago suburbs) I was asked to be patient as Sprint was enhancing their network system for LTE. When I mentioned that it wouldn't matter to me because my phone wasn't compatible I was told on all 3 visits that it would be. Now, perhaps the enhancement for LTE will also result in some improvement with their 4G (can't get any worse) and that's what they meant, but it certainly wasn't presented that way. I tend to agree with you, that the phone does not have the hardware or software to run on LTE.

As far as my threat to leave Sprint goes, yes I am serious. I'm a pretty loyal person, in fact Sprint has been the only carrier I've ever been with (20+ years). And I really try to support American companies so to leave Sprint and give up on Motorola is not an easy decision. But first the LG Optimus and now the Photon? It's the old 'fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me".

Thanks for you reply. Unfortunately, I have one year remaining on my current Sprint contract so I'm stuck for now, but if they don't wow me with something over the next twelve months I will be gone.


Re: Motorola Photon 4G... been there done that!

The network upgrade is not just about LTE, they are also upgrading the 3G.

I am in 3G only area and suffered through the upgrade this summer, I ended up porting 2 numbers to AT&T

Check your area map on


Re: Motorola Photon 4G... been there done that!

Thank you.  That explains why my service has been so terrible for the last two weeks.  I called customer service and they said they were working on towers but the press release said that LA was getting a 4G LTE upgrade currently and putting two-and-two together basically means my 4G is toast probably.

I feel distressed because I really like my Photon 4G but if my data connect is going to disappear it creates a huge problem.  Additionally, Motorola announced that we are never getting official firmware updates, which further annoys me because some of my apps *radio and tv streaming* don't work that well and my autocorrect text sucks.

I still have a year left on my contract and what I want to know now is it worth rooting the phone to get the upgrades?  I am a total newbie to this stuff but am ready to have a new and improved phone.  If I root and install ICS or JB will it actually enhance my phones ability to recognize other apps designed for Android (such as Hulu + which still isn't available after two years basically). 

P.S. I realize this will not fix my 4G LTE problem, but I'm going to try and get through to the end of my contract before getting a new one.

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