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Motorola Photon Q: Files take too long to save on device storage + SD card


Motorola Photon Q: Files take too long to save on device storage + SD card

I didn't notice this until the day I had saved a mass-storage folder (music album) on my device. I would take an extremly long time to save larger files on my phone. What I usually had done was connect my phone through the USB cord to my laptop. My computer reads my phone within an instant and shows all my files from my internal storage and 32GB micro SD card.

When I transfer files from my phone to my computer I have no problems ... but vice versa, my phone usually shows a warning prompt saying "do you want to copy this file to your device?". Here's an image of the screencap:

It takes way longer than it should for files to save on my phone. I took my micro SD card from my phone, inserted it through a SD card adapter, and put it in my laptop. I have no issues with my SD card in the computer alone and all my files save as fast as it should without the SD card in my phone.

My phone has more problems besides this one, so Sprint/Motorola should address this problem and have an update that fixes it. From now on if I want to save files on my micro SD card I make sure to remove it from my phone to avoid the long wait. It's definitely a pain in the you-know-what.

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