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Motorola i680 Brute Opinions?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Motorola i680 Brute Opinions?

I like the idea of getting a seriously rugged phone - reviews seem good - what's the thoughts from the community?

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Motorola i680 Brute Opinions?

I think the early adpoters really liked the i680 handset a whole lot at first, but many of them had so many reliability issues they just flat gave up on them, and some of them gave up on Sprint-Nextel as a whole while they were at it.

Check the posts which AFDOC and FishingMedic either originated or posted replies to, you'll get a good idea of what they went through.

I had similar issues with the i580 - as I posted here months ago, I am on my fourth one in less than a year (all repoaced under warranty).

Somehow, Moto has completely lost its way when it comes to both hardware build quality and software development. Sad - a once top-notch American company that was formerly the high-water mark for reliability is now at the bottom of the scale.

  - Nxtl4me


Re: Motorola i680 Brute Opinions?

I was an ealry adopter of the i680. I had the messaging issues that plagued some of the early adopters. It was bad enough that I returned the phone.

I am in the process of switching to a family plan that does not include data, so I decided to give the i680 a try again. I made sure it had the latest software update. This time around I haven't had a single issue. It really is a great phone. And the battery life on this thing is fantastic.

I now have no hesitations recommending the i680.


Re: Motorola i680 Brute Opinions?


Thanks very much for that feedback. It is good to hear that the i680 has had its issues fixed (finally).

After complaining about the fact that I was on my fourth i580 in less than a year, this last one (gray model, not the yellow i580) has performed flawlessly for me.

If I decide to stay with Nextel, looks like I'll be choosing between the i680 or the i1.

Thanks again for taking the time to fill us in on the latest with the i680.

    - Nxtl4me


Re: Motorola i680 Brute Opinions?

Hey guys! glad to be back after website problems...

Ah the Brute.  I was an early adopter and have received the update so I have a new opinion:

Reception- Best Nextel reception I have ever experienced.  No joke, this thing holds a signal like no other.

Battery- Long.. Long...Long... (I don't browse the web)

Software- Dated but better.  My old 580 had so many menu screens, I found it hard to find things (forgot about the different ones).  This is more user friendly.

Build- Flawless... Built like a tank.  I eat phones (not literally).  This phone held up to my worst.  Dial pad is tactile and buttons are great to push.  You cannot go wrong.  Only critique is that it falls out of the holster often.  Feels great in the hand as well.

Messaging- FIXED! Threaded messaging great addition.  Slow data still (can you please through a wimax radio in it already or CDMA).  You can flip it closed and send, something I could not do on my 580.

Volume- Loud! both phone and DC speakers are loud and sound great.  No crackling or any other interference.  NOISE CANCELLATION is great, you really will never return to a phone without it.

Price- Too high.  With smart phones as low as $99, this phone should be $49 maximum in my opinion.

Flaws- Slow data (not the phone's fault, holster, bad color scheme and look)



Re: Motorola i680 Brute Opinions?

well to me the i680 is a better upgrade from the i580 anyday but where i use it in very hott places it does keep very good signals but when it starts to get hot the phone turns off and it do that many times during the day maybe its just the hott places that im in


Re: Motorola i680 Brute Opinions?


re: "...but when it starts to get hot the phone turns off..."

I don't know at what temperature the phone shuts down to protect itself, but like all valuable electronic devices it should shut itself down when it reaches an unsafe internal temperature that could potentially cause irreversible harm (to the electronics, or to the battery).

While the phone is hot but before it shuts down you can put it into "Trace Mode" to see what the phone's internal temperature is (readout is in degrees C, not F; see the table pasted below for info on the Trace Mode display and what the numbers mean).


29.09 3F9-9
-00db -94 0
+22 +0 0
Signal strength, paging channel, and other signal values. More detail is given in screens below.
Line 1: Signal Quality, a combination of RSSI and BER; Current channel in use by unit
Line 2: Automatic transmit power reduction from full power of 0.6 watts; RSSI (received signal strength indicator) in dbM; "time advance" - probably a timing parameter related to distance from site and delay?
Line 3: Power amplifier temperature in degrees Celsius; Temperature change in last two seconds; Power cutback, where 0=full, 1=16% cutback, 2=33% cutback, 3=50% cutback or -3db, 4="full cutback" (probably an "off" condition) all due to temperature increases only.

I don't know if your i680 will have exactly the same Trace Mode display as my i580, but for illustration here is what my i580 display in Trace Mode looks like right now:

top line:             Tx Status

second line:  29.8  02  372-10

third line:        -00db  -88  0

fourth line:       +30  +0  0 (of course the real display is not in orange font, I just did that here for emphasis and clarity)

So according to the table pasted above, the fourth line in my Trace Mode display (+30 +0  0) is showing that the internal temperature of the phone is currently at 30°C, it has not changed in the last two seconds (+0), and there is currently no power cutback being implemented (because right now my phone is running within the normal temperature range). I think in some cases it does not bother to show the current internal temperature, if it is below a certain threshhold.

If you do put your i680 into Trace Mode while it is running hot, please report back to us in this thread with what you find.

    - Nxtl4me

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