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Motorola iDen Update?


Motorola iDen Update?

So i went to and clicked us and then iden series. and it says it is not avable. It said this for more than 3 months. id need to update my phone. Do any of you know what is going on? Is it true sprint is closing nextel's iden network?

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Re: Motorola iDen Update?

First of all, there's already an iDEN thread dedicated to answering your question. If memory serves, it's "The future of Nextel".

Second, for the near term, the answer is no. Paul Saleh originally and Dan Hesse recently stated that SprintNextel will be introducing several new iDEN-only phones. The i335 was already introduced earlier this year. There is also a Blackberry iDEN/WiFi phone that will be introduced in Q3, and supposedly the Motorola Cabo (an iDEN/WiMAX flip phone) will be launched near the end of Q4, 2008. So, at least for the next year or so, iDEN is not getting shut off.

Third, iDEN has over 13M subs still on the Nextel network. Shutting off iDEN anytime soon would almost assuredly result in 13M post-paid subs being lost by SprintNextel. If that were to happen, you could rest assured that Sprint would cease to exist within a matter of months, so shutting off iDEN would hurt more than it would help.

Fourth, is run and updated by Motorola. In fact, I tried to follow the links you posted. Interestingly, the website looks fairly updated, but it obviously does lack the i335 (which was recently introduced). My guess is that the webmaster(s) that runs that site either hasn't been informed to update the site, or simply the webmaster is no longer in charge of that site...and it's been neglected (perhaps on purpose, per Sprint?).

In the end, iDEN isn't being shut least not for at least a few more years...but I think that if Sprint continues down the road that it is, I anticipate that they'll end up selling off Nextel, shutting down Q-chat, and eventually being taken over by Alltel, MetroPCS, or Verizon. After all, there really isn't any advantage that Sprint is offering its customers these days (esp if you exclude Nextel from the mix).


Re: Motorola iDen Update?

well sprint goes have true unlimited data plans.

oh wait... that's being cancelled.


in fairness the simply everything plans are pretty unique, a good value as long as you dont need tethering. In terms of bang for buck, SE is hard to beat if you dont need tethering or PTT

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