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Motorola titanium saving text picture issues


Motorola titanium saving text picture issues

I have a motorola Titanium and when I get a picture text, I can look at it, and I can tap on the picture to make it bigger, but I cannot save it. I can long hold it, and nothing happens. I can use the options button and there is no save option. Any ideas? Has anyone else had this issue with this phone? I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am pretty tech savy and have played with pretty much every button, option etc.. I can send out picture texts, and receive them, but for some reason I can not save the pictures. HELP!! Thanks


Motorola titanium saving text picture issues

Hi Mslednecks,

I've found that if you've opened the picture for viewing that's about all you can do; however, if you long hold the picture while you're in the message thread you should have the option to "Copy attached to SD card". Try that and let me know.


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